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The GRC Software solution made by regulatory experts.

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AI Innovation, Compliance Expertise

Grand is not your average GRC software. Our primary focus is to make the lives of GRC practitioners easier and more fun. We do this by reducing workload through compliance automation, collaboration, advanced AI and all the rest, but what truly sets us apart is our continuous feed of out-of-the-box content that has been curated by industry leading experts.

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GRC Software: Regtech Solution

AI GRC Software: 
Solving Issues

Compliance is a moving target

Compliance is a moving target, and therefore, your work in compliance is never done. Not only do you have to make sure that you meet current regulatory requirements, you have to make sure that you keep track of all the new changes coming out, and figure out how they affect you and what you need to do in order to be compliant.

Compliance is manual

Compliance is manual, and therefore it requires a lot of hours of work. Like most other processes in an operation, compliance is managed manually and with the help of excel sheets or inadequate software tools. Given the complexity of the regulatory environment, this almost guarantees enormous inefficiency.

The compliance process does not accumulate knowledge

The typical compliance process does not accumulate knowledge. When a new regulation comes out, the organisation must read and assess its implications, and then perform a gap analysis to figure out what new policies, instructions, routines, and controls must be implemented.

Compliance experts with a passion for technology

We started out as a ragtag team of technologists helping our colleagues at Advisense disrupt the GRC space through innovative RegTech software solutions powered by data science and AI. Some of those projects turned out to be interesting enough to be launched as stand alone products.

Now, Grand Compliance is the most innovative RegTech provider in the Nordics, backed by more than 400 industry leading experts in governance risk and compliance. We combine AI-enabled solutions with human expertise in our next gen GRC platform.

Grand Compliance Software
Grand Compliance Software
Grand Compliance Software
Grand Compliance Software

Backed by the leaders in GRC

Grand Compliance is part of the Advisense Group

Advisense GRC Solution

Advisense is the leading GRC experts in Europe focusing on financial risk and compliance. With more than 450 highly specialized subject matter experts FCG is the trusted advisor to nearly 700 financial institutions.







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