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Regulatory News Updates

Regulatory Change Management Solution

Governance, Risk and Compliance Software Tools

Stay informed and compliant with Grand Articles, our regulatory monitoring tool designed to keep track and simplify regulatory updates for financial institutions.

AI Compliance Software

The Compliance Solution

Streamlined Regulatory Update Monitoring

Regulatory Change Management
Compliance management
Regulatory Compliance News Feed

Stay Updated on every Industry Regulatory Change

Access updates on regulatory news to maintain alignment with industry standards.

GRC AI Software
GRC Software
Customised Feed Options

AI Change Detection

Our AI platform processes regulatory updates to present relevant information, while still allowing in-depth exploration.

Regtech Compliance Software
GRC Tools
AI-Based Regulatory Analysis

Regulatory News Monitoring Software

Tailor your news feed by selecting filters like industry, jurisdictions, regulatory bodies, and specific news sources.

GRC Software Benefits

Regulatory Change Management

Regulatory Change Management

Access information from a range of authoritative regulatory sources in one place.

Compliance search

Industry Based Updates

Stay updated on policy changes and industry standards with brief summaries highlighting key points.

Regulatory Monitoring

Streamlined Regulatory Monitoring

Along with staying informed, our platform provides tools to manage and act upon these updates efficiently.

Regulatory Updates

Updates on every Regulatory Source

Our proprietary AI model, developed over five years, ensures relevant and accurate content delivery.

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AI Compliance Automation

Our GRC Software Solution will become your regulatory helper, making compliance easier in the Financial Regulatory Landscape.

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