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Become a Key Player in Compliance Innovation

Accelerate growth, enhance services, and gain a competitive edge by partnering with Grand, the leading GRC software for financial compliance. Strengthen your position as a trusted advisor with our solutions.

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GRC Software Platform

Why Grand?

Offer superior compliance solutions

Enhance your portfolio with regulatory tools

Distinguish your business with innovative solutions.

Leverage 400+ industry experts  from the leading RegTech provider in the Nordics.

Your Partners
in Compliance

AI-Driven Efficiency: Our advanced AI streamlines and enhances compliance management.

Expert Knowledge Base:  Our partners will receive the  support of over 400 industry-leading GRC experts

Integrated Compliance: our comprehensive suite,  ensures complete regulatory management.

Become a Partner
GRC Software for Financial Compliance

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Our Team: Compliance experts, technology driven

We started out as a ragtag team of technologists helping our colleagues at Advisense disrupt the GRC space through innovative RegTech software solutions powered by data science and AI. Some of those projects turned out to be interesting enough to be launched as stand alone products.

Now, Grand Compliance is the most innovative RegTech provider in the Nordics, backed by more than 400 industry leading experts in governance risk and compliance. We combine AI-enabled solutions with human expertise in our next gen GRC platform.

Grand Compliance Software
Grand Compliance Software
Grand Compliance Software
Grand Compliance Software
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