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AI Based GRC Software

Automed GRC Software for your regulatory needs.

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Regulatory News Monitoring

Regulatory Horizon scanning Solution

Regulatory Monitoring
Expert monitoring

Our team monitor hundreds of authoritative sources of regulatory news.

regulatory news
News feed

Subscribe to news feeds that are curated to fit your institution-type or area of interest

Regulatory Knowledge

Understand how to interpret regulatory changes

Vendor Compliance Solution

Always compliant with regulatory guidelines

Stay Compliant
Stay compliant

Stay compliant with regulatory guidelines for outsourcing arrangements

Contract Regulatory Monitoring
Automatic monitoring

Automatic monitoring of changes to outsourcing requirements and changes to vendor Terms and Conditions.

Regulatory Agreements
Minimize your work

Minimize your work in assessing outsourcing arrangements institution-specific, assessments of vendors

Contract Management
Contract management

Automate all third party risk management activities

contract search
Indexed search

Full text indexed search across all contracts irrespective of format

Policies Management Software

Always up to date expert-curated policies for your institution

policy management
Policy Management

Our team of 400 legal & compliance experts maintain and continuously update the policies you need to always be compliant with the ever changing regulatory landscape.

regulatory policies
No startup time

No startup time - from zero to the complete set of policies you need in minutes.

policies software

Simply subscribe to our recommended full policy package, or pick and choose the individual policies you need.

Compliance Management

Governance, Risk and Comliance Automated Solution

compliance management

Manage all compliance documents in one place: create, edit, receive, collaborate, track and store with versioning and access control.

compliance automation
Easy to understand

Perform self assessment surveys automatically with minimal effort. Aggregate and visualize results in easy to understand dashboards.

AI compliance
Compliance excellence

Distribute, plan and follow up on tasks throughout the organisation, to ensure compliance excellence.

Compliance reporting
Compliance Reporting

Keep track of your progress and plan projects with calendar, GANTT and Kanban.

Risk Management Software

Improving Your Risk Management Decisions

risk management software
Comprehensive Risk Analysis

Harness the power of Grand Risks to gain in-depth insights into potential challenges. Our strategic Yearly Plan, paired with robust risk integration, ensures a streamlined approach.

compliance risk
User-Centred Customization

Adjust and adapt with our Configuration Page, making risk management tailored and straightforward.

operational risk management
Operational Efficiency Boost

Choose Grand Risks for a holistic view of your risk environment.

AI Compliance Assistant

Seamless GRC Solution Compliance Data Exploration

Compliance data navigation
Chat-Based Compliance Data Navigation

Grand Assistant provides  access to your regulatory documents through its chat feature. Simply use natural language to query, and let the tool fetch the information.

compliance data
Quick Data Access

Skip manual searches. Just "Launch, Chat, and Discover" for instant, precise regulatory insights.

GRC Software data management
Empowered Decision-Making

Navigate the compliance data effortlessly. Grand Assistant GRC Software ensures you're always a query away from making informed decisions.

Reduce your compliance risks

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