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The Future of Regulatory Compliance

Introducing the Regulatory Obligations Inventory (ROI): Your Unified Compliance Solution.
The ROI is a revolutionary AI tool that transforms compliance for financial institutions by compiling every regulatory obligation into one clear, concise list. It’s a game-changer for GRC systems, ensuring efficiency and unmatched regulatory clarity.

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Regulatory Obbligations Inventory

Our Approach

Leveraging advanced AI technology, we distill the essence of diverse regulations into a master list of obligations, eliminating redundancy and ambiguity. This innovative approach groups similar requirements under unified obligations, facilitating a simplified, efficient compliance journey. The Obligations Inventory covers a broad spectrum of regulations, including but not limited to:

AML and KYC requirements
Capital requirements
Market conduct rules
Consumer protection regulations
Financial reporting obligations

The Compliance Substrate

At the heart of our system is the AI-generated Regulatory Obligations Inventory (ROI), forming thefoundational compliance substrate for all Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)activities. The ROI empowers:

Regulatory News Monitoring

With AI classification, news monitoring becomes focused andefficient, directly linked to specific obligations within the ROI.

Policies Mapping

Policies are mapped directly to obligations, ensuring non-overlap and complete coverage across the institution.

Risk Identification

Risks are assessed in relation to corresponding policies, offering a clear path back to foundational obligations.

Mitigation Strategies

Mitigative measures are intricately linked to identified risks and the corresponding policies and obligations, maintaining a clear "compliance lineage."

Automation and Responsiveness

Discover our solution for streamlined regulatory management: enhancing compliance automation and responsiveness for a dynamic environment.

policy management
New Obligations

New Obligations

Introduction of new obligations triggers the creation of corresponding policies and controls, enhancing responsiveness to regulatory changes.

Obbligations management
policy management

Horizon Scanning

Continuous monitoring for regulatory updates ensures direct mapping to relevant obligations, keeping institutions ahead of the curve.

horizon scanning

Benefits with using Grand

policy management

Clear Compliance Lineage

Establishes a direct, unambiguous link from each risk or control back to its regulatory source.

policy management
Enhanced Efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

Eliminates redundant policies, reducing compliance workload and liberating resources.

policy management


The dynamic nature of the Obligations Inventory equips institutions to swiftly adapt to regulatory changes.

Regulatory Change Management

Regulatory news classification

Monitor 500+ regulatory databases, legal bulletins, and industry news sources. News are automatically classified in terms of their relevant institution type, jurisdiction, impact, and timeline. If applicable, this information is appended to the relevant obligation in the ROl.

Regulatory change mapping

All changes to all regulations are identified. The changes are automatically reflected in the ROl. The change may necessitate a new obligation, break an existing merged obligation, or require a remerging of new obligations. Managers are notified and can accept changes or initiate workflow for change management.

Gap Analysis

Policies are mapped to the ROl such that every item in each policy is matched to some obligation. This keeps policies minimal and non-overlapping. Since the ROl tracks which obligations are covered by policy, it is easy to track overall policy coverage. Policy owners are notified when policies need to be updated due to regulatory change, and can choose to accept automatically generated change suggestions to policies.

Risk and control framework

Risks are mapped to obligations int he ROl, and incidents and controls are mapped to risks. This gives complete and transparent compliance lineage all the way from control or incident to risk and the associated obligation, allowing the organisation to assess control coverage and effectiveness.

How ROI Enables Regulatory Change  Management

Regulatory News Monitoring

This initial step involves scanning various sources for regulatory updates to identify changes early, enabling proactive compliance responses.

Mapping Regulatory News to Obligations (ROI): Key to the process, this step maps updates to specific regulatory obligations, ensuring comprehensive awareness and prioritization of compliance requirements

regulatory news monitoring

Impact Assessment

Determines the extent of changes needed in processes, policies, and systems, guiding resource allocation for efficient, effective responses.

Change Planning and Implementation: Translates regulatory requirements into actionable changes, directly informed by the ROI to ensure thorough and precise compliance adjustments.

impact assessment

Documentation and Reporting

Essential for accountability, this step records all changes and compliance efforts, supporting audit processes and regulatory reviews.

Monitoring and Continuous Improvement: Continuously evaluates the regulatory landscape and the effectiveness of implemented changes, using the ROI to integrate new obligations seamlessly.

documentation and reporting

ROI's crucial role

The Regulatory Obligation Inventory underpins the entire process, ensuring accuracy, comprehensiveness, and efficiency in compliance management. It enables precise identification, impact assessment, and integration of regulatory changes, supporting ongoing compliance and operational integrity with minimal disruption.

ROI: Evolving Compliance

policy management

Precision in Compliance

The ROI enables precise mapping of regulatory news to specificobligations, ensuring that updates are relevant and actionable.

policy management

Streamlined Processes

By automating responses to regulatory changes based on the ROI, our system facilitates rapid and accurate compliance adjustments, reducing the burden ofmanual processes.

policy management

Effective Prioritization

The ROI assists in evaluating the impact of regulatory changes,allowing for the effective prioritization of responses and the efficient allocation of resources.

policy management

Comprehensive Documentation

It supports meticulous documentation and audit trails, providing a transparent record of compliance activities and facilitating ease of reporting and review.

policy management
Built in ROI

The ROI is not just a component of our system

It is the backbone that ensures compliance efforts are both strategic and aligned with the specific needs and obligations of your organization.

Our Technological Edge

We provide seamless integration across your organization's departments, enhanced by AI-driven scalability to ensure reliable performance. Choose Grand for clear, future-oriented solutions.

policy management

API-First Approach

Our commitment to an API-first strategy guarantees effortless integration with your enterprise systems. This approach ensures a unified GRC strategy across all facets of your organization, from HR to finance and operations.

policy management

Cloud-Native Architectures

At Grand, we harness the power of cloud-native architectures to offer solutions with unmatched scalability, reliability, and speed. Our platforms are built to seamlessly integrate advanced AI capabilities, ensuring our software evolves with your business.

Unparalleled agility and speed

Our application of sophisticated DevOps and agile methodologies guarantees swift iteration and deployment of updates or new functionalities, essential for maintaining a competitive edge in the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

policy management
Policy Management

Responsive to market feedback

Monitor 500+ regulatory databases, legal bulletins, and industry news sources. News are automatically classified in terms of their relevant institution type, jurisdiction, impact, and timeline. If applicable, this information is appended to the relevant obligation in the ROl.

policy management
Policy Management

DevOps and Agile Methodologies

Utilizing cutting-edge DevOps and agile methodologies allows Grand to swiftly iterate and deploy updates or new features. This agility is crucial in navigating the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

A customer-centric approach

Grand provides customized support and solutions, enhancing client satisfaction and avoiding unnecessary costs by focusing on your business's specific requirements.

policy management
Policy Management

Personalized Customer Support

Our commitment to personalized support means each client receives dedicated attention, leading to higher satisfaction and success rates.

policy management
Policy Management

Tailored Solutions

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Grand offers tailored packages designed to meet the unique requirements of your business, ensuring you only pay for what you truly need.

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