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Risk Management Software

Grand Risks: Elevate Your Risk Management Strategy

Governance, Risk and Compliance Software Tools

Grand Risks modernises risk management, offering a flexible, all-in-one solution that suits businesses of all sizes. With features ranging from in-depth risk analysis to streamlined reporting also for DORA Regulation.

AI Compliance Software

The Compliance Solution

Enhanced Risk Management Software

Regulatory Change Management
Compliance management
DORA Regulation Integrated Reporting

Regulatory Risk Management and DORA Compliance

Grand Risks offers an all-in-one platform featuring robust Risk Analysis and yearly plans segmented quarterly. Designed to identify and provide insights into risks while offering mitigation and control measures. The system is also enabled to simplify DORA Compliance for any incident that requires these reports.

GRC AI Software
GRC Software
Customisation and Integration

Risk Management Software Tools

The platform boasts a suite of user-friendly tools including effortless risk entry and edit, versatile risk assessment methods and proactive notifications. GPT-4 powered automated entries and schedule-ready reports enhance efficiency, while incident management and centralised mitigations streamline operations.

Regtech Compliance Software
GRC Tools
Enhanced User Experience

Business Specific Risk Management Process

Our Configuration Page allows for extensive customisation from defining risk levels to setting up personalised taxonomies like the ORX model. For each identified risk, the system links a corresponding mitigation strategy, supported by a centralised Risk Libraries feature that organises  risk management across departments.

GRC Software Benefits

GRC Software

Proactive Regulatory Risk Management

Real-time monitoring and alert features ensure that organisations can proactively identify and manage risks, thereby minimising potential damage and enhancing resilience.

Compliance searchComplete Compliance Platform

AI Flexibility in Risk Management

The Configuration Page allows organisations to tailor the platform's parameters according to their specific needs, ensuring that risk management is as effective and relevant as possible.

Regulatory MonitoringGRC AI Solution

Data-Driven  Management

Grand Risks' comprehensive Risk Analysis and Yearly Plans provide deep insights and strategic roadmaps, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions that align with their long-term objectives.

Regulatory UpdatesAI Compliance Software

Regulatory Risk Mitigation

In an age of ever-evolving regulations, stay compliant with a system that's designed to align with the latest regulatory standards.

Enhanced Collaboration

A unified platform means better communication, fostering a collaborative environment where every stakeholder is on the same page.

DORA regulatory reporting software

Our Solution enables Compliance Officers with a unique centralised view of all the Digital Operational Resilience Act Reporting Needs for their ICT risks in order to make the process faster and easier.

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AI Compliance Automation

Our GRC Software Solution will become your regulatory helper, making compliance easier in the Financial Regulatory Landscape.

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